Big Brother is the forth episode of Are You Being Served?'s second series. It was first broadcast on 4 April 1974.


Due to recent shoplifting at Grace Brothers, Mr.Rumbold announces that the first floor will be a guinea pig for the new security cameras. But when the staff find out that Rumbold is watching everything they do, they take action to get rid of the cameras. [2]


Episode QuotesEdit

Mrs. Slocombe: Oh, Captain Peacock. I wonder if you'd run an eye over my chits? I keep totting them up wrong and your maths is better than mine.

Mr. Humphries: [hangs up phone] Mr. Lucas? Mr. Lucas: What's up? Mr. Humphries: You're wanted in the office. Mr. Lucas: What for? Mr. Humphries: Someone has seen you smoking. And as your senior here, I should have told you to put it out. Mr. Rumbold: [watching in his office on surveillance camera] Quite right, Humphries! Good man. Mr. Humphries: You never know when old jug-ears is snooping round.

[Mr. Clegg takes Miss Brahms' handbag for inspection] Mr. Clegg: Would you mind opening it for me please? Miss Brahms: All that's in here is my working bra. [Mr. Clegg draws out a brassiere] Mr. Lucas: Do you mean the other one doesn't work?

[first lines] Mrs. Slocombe: There you are, Madam, plenty of give in the leg and completely draught proof. Underwear Customer: No, I don't think I fancy them. Mrs. Slocombe: Very few people do... But they're very practical in this chilly weather. Of course, it's for Madam to decide.

Mrs. Slocombe: Goodbye, Madam. Thank you so much! [customer walks away] Fussy old bag!.

Miss Brahms: Honestly, I can't understand why people want to buy old-fashioned underwear like this. I mean, that's not gonna turn her old man on, is it? Mrs. Slocombe: Perhaps she wants to turn him off.

Captain Peacock: Mr. Humphries, have you the time? Mr. Humphries: It depends on what you have in mind, Captain Peacock.

Mr. Rumbold: [talking about shoplifting in the store] Only this morning, Mrs. Slocombe informed me that she'd had a skirt lifted. Mr. Humphries: Some people have all the luck. Mr. Rumbold: And I seem to remember Miss Brahms lost something last week. Mr. Lucas: It wasn't me. Mr. Humphries: Do you know, only the other day, a customer reached across the counter and put his hands in my Fair Isle drawers. He said he was going to pay. Mr. Rumbold: Yes, well, I've got a man to handle that sort of thing. Mr. Humphries: Oh, nice.

Mr. Clegg: [to Mr. Humphries] Excuse me, Sir, what's that suspicious looking bulge? Mr. Humphries: I beg your pardon? Mr. Clegg: In your pocket, Sir. - May I see it, please? Mr. Humphries: [to Mr. Lucas] Shouldn't he have a search warrant? Mr. Lucas: Why? It's never bothered you before.

Miss Brahms: [to Captain Peacock] You ought to have 'em cut off. Mrs. Slocombe: Have what cut off? Miss Brahms: His hands. He's like an octopus. - They're all over the place. Mrs. Slocombe: Oh, I know, and so cold.

Mr. Lucas: Are you free, Mr. Humphries? A raincoat and some underwear. We can manage that, Mr. Humphries, can we?

Dr. Wainwright: [to Mr. Rumbold] Cheque, now, if you don't mind. - Saves sending the account.

[last lines] Mr. Lucas: [about Miss Brahm's having the measles] Marvelous, isn't it? The one night my mother's away, and she has to go and get measles. Just my luck! I haven't had it. Mr. Humphries: The way things are going, you're not going to get it. I say, you haven't handled her recently, have you? Mr. Lucas: Well, I've just given her a peck on the neck that's all, when I set the plan up. Why? I mean, you don't think, I... Mr. Humphries: I was going to ask you out for a drink, but on second thoughts, good night. [2]


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