Hoorah for the Holidays is the fifth episode of Are You Being Served?'s second season.


Due to the fact that Mr.Grace is having the entire department redecorated, management has offered 5 pounds inconvenience money if the staff take their holidays in August. Very unhappy about the situation, the staff refuse to comply, so Mr.Grace offers them various holiday packages for them to choose from.


Episode QuotesEdit

The staff have each been offered five pounds to cover the cost of having to take their holidays while the store is decorated. Mrs. Slocombe: You'll have to up the anti, Mr. Rumbold. I mean, five pounds goes nowhere. A loaf of bread costs three shillings. Five pounds is only thirty-five loaves! Mr. Humphries: And where can you go on holiday for thirty-five loaves? Mr. Lucas: It doesn't buy much crumpet, either. Mr. Grainger: I don't get the enjoyment out of it that I used to in the old days. Mr. Lucas: What, the crumpet? Mr. Grainger: No. The bread!

Mr. Rumbold: Describing possible locations for the staff holiday. "Belly-dancing and sword-swallowing are a nightly attraction for the diners as they sit, cross-legged, on their jhibos, toying with their couscous [to Mr. Humphries] I think a jhibo must be some sort of cushion! Mr. Humphries: I was going to ask you about that. Mr. Grainger: What exactly is a couscous? Captain Peacock: It's a... It's an Arabic, sagoey sort of dish. You eat it with the cut-off ear of a sheep. Mr. Grainger: Eurgh! Mrs. Slocombe: Well, I'm not sitting on my jhibo in a Foreign Legion fort, toying with me couscous. Not even with a knife and fork! Mr. Rumbold: I thought it sounded rather fun.

[first lines]

The Ready-Made Suit: Excuse me, I have a fitting. Mr. Humphries: Certainly, Sir. Mr. Lucas, are you free? Mr. Lucas: I'm free, Mr. Humphries. Mr. Humphries: Your customer for the made-to-measure suit.

Mr. Humphries: I'll take the customer into the changing room, Mr. Grainger. Put his clothes on a coat hanger. Mr. Grainger: And come straight back, Mr. Humphries.

Miss Brahms: My boyfriend wanted me to go on one of those adventure holiday trips with him. Captain Peacock: That would have been very exciting. Where were you going? India? Miss Brahms: Well, we never got that far, because when I said I wanted separate sleeping bags, he went off the idea.

Mr. Grainger: You have my support, Stephen. Mrs. Slocombe: And mine. Mr. Lucas: I'm right behind you, Captain Peacock. Mr. Humphries: I'm right behind you, Mr. Lucas. Mr. Lucas: I'd rather you were behind Captain Peacock.

[last lines] Young Mr. Grace: Oh, yes, there's just one thing. - The decorators cant make August, so you'll have to take the last two weeks in November. Mrs. Slocombe, Mr. Humphries, Mr. Lucas, Mr. Grainger, Mr. Rumbold, Captain Peacock, Miss Brahms, Mr. Mash: November? Captain Peacock: Where can you go in November? It's out of season! Mr. Grainger: Oh, no, it's alright. You can all come and stay at Mrs. Featherstone's. I have a photograph here. Mr. Lucas: Ah, well, there's one consolation. - If we all go to Mrs. Featherstone's, we won't have to go forty miles to find a pot there.

Mr. Mash: Eh, Mr. Rumbold. Have the high-ups come to their senses about the holidays, then. Mr. Rumbold: If you'd like to stay, I've called a meeting to give a ruling. Mr. Mash: Cause I've been on the blower, and I can't cancel the Seychelles. Mr. Rumbold: The Seashells Boarding House? Mr. Mash: No, the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. Mr. Rumbold: Seems a long way to go for someone in your position. Mr. Mash: I've got the urge for some of them native girls in grass skirts. Way-hey! Mr. Rumbold: Indeed. Mr. Mash: I'm leaving the wife and taking the lawnmower!

Mrs. Slocombe: I hope this meeting isn't going to take long. My pussy's been locked up for eight hours and I'm afraid it's just not convenient. Miss Brahms: And I've got to be back in time for Top of the Pops. Mrs. Slocombe: Oh, do you watch that? Miss Brahms: No, but someone's got to hold me mum back when Gary Glitter comes on. Mrs. Slocombe: Does she fancy him? Miss Brahms: No. She kicks the set in!


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