Mr Goldberg

Mr. Goldberg[1]

Mr. Harry Goldberg was the final head of the Menswear department at Grace Brothers in the 1970s.


Originally hired as the new Menswear Junior Assistant, following the burning down of his own shop, and the retirement of Mr. Tebbs, Mr. Goldberg was quickly promoted to head of Menswear, due to the high volume of sales on his first day,[N 1] combined with his knowledge that Captain Peacock had actually held the rank of Corporal during his wartime service.[N 2]



  1. This was achieved by Mr. Goldberg getting his friends to purchase items at Grace Brothers.
  2. This wasn't actually a secret; Mr. Lucas introduced Captain Peacock as 'Corporal, now Captain Peacock' for his part in the 'This is your Department' tribute to Old Mr. Grace in Founder's Day


  1. TV Rage

Preceded by:
Mr. Tebbs[N 1]
Head of Menswear
Succeeded by:
Mr. Grossman
  1. Mr. Humphries took the post on a temporary basis

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