Mr. Percival Tebbs[1]

Mr. Tebbs was the first senior salesman to replace Mr. Grainger.

He had an anatonistic relationship with Mrs. Slocombe from time to time.

Following his retirement, he was temporarily replaced as Senior Menswear Salesman by Mr. Humphries, prior to the appointment of Mr. Goldberg.

Preceded by
Mr. Grainger
Senior Menswear Salesman
Series 6
Succeded by
Mr. Humphries - (Temporarily)
Mr. Goldberg - (Permanent)

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Hayter was the original narrator of the UK television advertisements for Mr Kipling cakes. In fact, these ads led to his departure from Are You Being Served?; the cake company paid him a significant bonus to withdraw from the series, as they felt his reputation lent an air of dignity to their advertisements.[2]


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